In My Arms

Collaboration between Cathy Coez, visual artist and Eric Beauduin, accessories designer.
In the frame of Design September 2016 on Art&Crafts route

Long-time friends Eric Beauduin (an accessories designer) and Cathy Coëz (a visual artist), have produced unique artworks by sharing their expertise and own taste in materials.

At « In my arms », an exhibition involving the alliance of the intimate and the obscene, they propose a singular vision of the world. 

Leather, an attractive and novel material in Cathy Coëz’s work is seen by the artist as animal skin before becoming a fantasized material associated with her war related objects.

Eric Beauduin and Cathy Coëz share a similar open mind towards materials when producing objects and applying their know-how to it.

On this occasion, tree artworks were displayed : ‘Big Boss’ ,'Just in Case#2' and ‘Just In Case#1'